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coming apart to feel as whole

Fragmented feeling and living is the cause of many disorders in our busy lives. Acupuncture can help you to feel more as a whole, improve organ function and relief pain and discomfort.

Acupuncture is one of the most popular therapeutic applications of Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicines in the West. I have been practicing shiatsu for many years and acupuncture for me is an extension of my hands. Where I can’t reach with the hands I reach with needles, working in a precise way. If your body is a landscape the needles are like the landmarks on the trail – where the Qi, the life vital energy, is invited to flow smoothly through the areas stimulated.

Acupuncture consists of the insertion of sterile needles on different parts of the body to stimulate your natural ability to self-regulate, by first assessing possible disturbances in the body that prevent it. It helps to relieve, and if possible, eliminate symptoms. Each treatment is personalized and I choose the points based on a diagnostic protocol and hands-on approach. I apply the techniques of moxibustion and cupping if needed.

Hands of an acupuncturist inserting three needles into a client's back
Fingers on pulse

acupuncture is for everybody

The power of acupuncture lies in its preventive effects, but it also has healing powers. In this, you and I work together.

Promote biochemical changes

that stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and assist physical and emotional well-being

Relieves pain

and rebalances musculoskeletal problems

Regulates internal, organ related disbalances

causing mental and physical symptoms

Helps to reconnect

with a deep feeling of rest and reset

“We all have natural self-healing regulating abilities. Our bodily functions are regulating themselves all the time. A wound heals itself by a natural process. But sometimes these abilities are out of whack and a professional treatment is needed.”

practical information


The treatment takes place on a massage table. You remain partially dressed throughout the treatment. It’s pleasant to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. I use blankets and special lamps to keep you nice and warm.

I will propose a treatment plan depending on your complaints and needs. Acupuncture also works with other regular or complementary forms of therapies.


The intake is € 75,- and any following sessions are € 70,- (VAT free). Our first appointment will take over an hour; having time for you to ask questions helps me to understand your overall health history and your moment in life. You can pay after the treatment, preferably by card. The first treatment is to be payed in cash. For follow-up treatments, I will send you a digital invoice.

My treatments are appointment only. In case you cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance you will not be charged.


You’ll receive an invoice you can use to put in a claim with your health insurer. Many insurance companies reimburse acupuncture treat­ments in their supple­mentary insurance plans. Be sure to check your po­licy terms and con­ditions or con­tact your health insurer. That way you will know exactly where you stand. Infor­mation about policies on offer from various health in­surance companies can be found on the Zorgvergelijker by Zorgwijzer. No rights can be derived from this website.


I am a member of the professional association Zhong (Nederlanse Vereninging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde). Since completing my HBO degree in acupuncture at the Shenzhou University in 2020 and accomplishing my apprenticeship in different clinics, I’ve attended various refresher training courses to keep my knowledge up-to-date. View my registrations for more information.

Do you have a question? Have a look at the FAQs or send me a message.


Praktijk Grasweg (shiatsu & acupuncture)

Grasweg 50, Amsterdam

Days and times Every Monday and Tuesday (full day), Thursday from 14:00 and Saturday (optional).

Getting there To reach by car, you need to park in the area. Use the address above on the City of Amster­dam’s website (in Dutch) to see where you can do so.

Praktijk Grasweg is located close to the Eye Film Museum and is a 5-minute walk from ferry terminal Distelweg.

Accessibility The practice is located on the first floor. Unfortunately, there is no elevator present.