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motto of ikiru

I chose the name Ikiru for my practice. Ikiru is the Japanese verb for ‘to live’. We are able to develop and refine our life energy, called Ki in Japanese. This way, you can live from a deeper understanding of your own strength.

What motivates me is to support people in their journey to rediscover a natural balance; physical, spiritual and emo­tional. When you learn to foster well-being, making better choices for yourself and your surroun­dings, you are close to the feeling of ikiru.

Marta stretches a client's arm over their head in a shiatsu treatment
Marta sits on the floor in a yoga pose clasping her hands behind her back
Marta in a stretching yoga pose with both her hands on the floor

my background

While studying Philosophy at the University of Barce­lona I completed a Modern dance formation in the 90’s. After a short but intensive career as a professional dancer I moved to Amsterdam, where my work took on a social dimension in the form of theater projects with kids and teens at Stichting Beesten­bende.

Body & mind

In 2010, I started my shiatsu practice in Amster­dam where I offer treat­ments. I combine my work as a shiatsu therapist and acupuncturist with teaching restorative yoga classes. Vijnana yoga is the source of my yoga experience. I have taught yoga classes and work­shops for over fifteen years. All these disci­plines com­plement each other and have shaped my work, and my way of thinking and perceiving the world.

Education & courses

2021 - 2022
Toyohari Japanese acupuncture style with Steven Birch and Junko Ida, Amsterdam

2016 - 2020
Higher professional education programme Acupuncture, Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam

2014 - 2015
Higher professional education degree basic Western medical knowledge, Con Amore, Amsterdam

2006 - 2010
Higher professional education programme Iokai Shiatsu, Amsterdam

2001 - 2005
International Vijnana Yoga programme with Orit Sen Gupta and Teresa Caldas, Amsterdam

1990 - 1995
Bachelor Philosophy, Barcelona University

1987 - 1992
Modern Dance formation, Barcelona

what clients say

“Bij zowel lichamelijke- als zielepijn ga ik heel graag naar Marta, die mij vol liefde met shiatsu weer de energie door mijn hele lijf laat voelen stromen en me helpt de balans terug te vinden tussen mijn hoofd en mijn lichaam.”

—  Nienke

“Dankzij de behandeling als een marmot geslapen en ’s ochtends nagenoeg geen rugpijn. Magic shiatsu!”

—  Inge

“I have been receiving shiatsu sessions from Marta Font on a semi-regular basis and as a supporting healing complement to my sickness. Each session I am having with her is a true blessing as she knows how to listen to my body and correct blockages while facilitating meridians circulation again; the results are sometimes amazing and can be felt especially during the next few days. I highly recommend her.”

—  Daniel

“7 dagen staande achter elkaar werken en ook nog je eigen baas zijn, bijna gebroken en op het punt van een burnout, kwam ik bij Marta, shiatsu therapeut. Een onbekende wereld voor mij. Elke prik of druk met de vingers, met de elleboog of haar knie, geef me een gevoel van loslaten, van uitbarsting van blokkades tot dat ik heel relax uitkomt na de therapie. Ik vind een geweldige therapie die mee help om de zware dagen, pijnlijke dagen achterlaten en nieuwe energie in te blazen.”

—  Nelys

“Een shiatsu behandeling van Marta is als een grote beurt bij een auto. Daarna loopt alles weer zoals het hoort. Voel je je weer thuis in je eigen lichaam. En ga je warm, zacht en happy weer naar buiten. De kalme liefdevolle aandacht van Marta speelt daar ook een belangrijke rol in. Bij Marta kom ik graag weer thuis bij mezelf.”

—  Barbara

“When I am receiving a treatment, I feel a very thorough relaxation brought by a sense of deep physical abandon and trust when Marta moves my limbs or touches some spots under my skin. It is like returning to a pre-verbal state of mind, when you were a baby and your body was looked after. With belly massages, I get into dreamy state, my mind is awake but reaching some very ancient layers of consciousness. It’s like a re-set of the whole system. I never go for an immediate cure of a pain, I go for that sort of re-set of the whole system, that’s why I go in the evening because after the treatment I feel very relaxed and mellow, or tired even.”

—  Martine



As a shiatsu therapist I am a registered member of the fol­lowing associations:

  • HBO Professional Iokai Shiatsu therapist (VIS);
  • Shiatsu Association Netherlands (SVN, registration number 2019024);
  • European Iokai Shiatsu Association (EISA).


As an acupuncturist I am a registered member of the fol­lowing associations:

  • Zhong Dutch Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine;
  • Association for Alternative Treatment Methods (KAB).

I am registered with the Dutch Institute for the Promo­tion of Integral Health­care (NIBIG) as well as the um­brella organi­sation for com­plemen­tary thera­pists in the Netherlands (RBCZ). This makes me a Registered Thera­pist for Comple­mentary Health­care (RTAG) as well as BCZ Register Therapist.

I meet the strict professional requirements that are set by these founda­tions and am also subject to the dis­ciplinary rules and regulations of the TCZ foun­dation (Dutch national disciplinary board for com­plemen­tary care). I am a member of the SCAG, the national dis­putes body for comple­mentary and alternative health care, for mediation in case of com­plaints and disputes. Moreover, I am registered individually in the AGB Register, which keeps records of all recog­nised healthcare providers in The Nether­lands.

Please note: Only the Iokai Shiatsu activities fall under the responsibility of the SVN. Additionally, reimburse­ments from health­care insurers and disci­plinary law are only applicable to shiatsu therapy.