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Would you like to make an appointment for a shiatsu treat­ment or do you have a question? I’d love to hear from you! Contact me on the phone num­ber listed below or send a mes­sage using the form.

+31 (0)6 4529 8952

Shiatsu from Wednesday to Saturday

Between 09:00 and 18:00

Various locations


Praktijk Lijnbaansgracht

Lijnbaansgracht 67-O, Amsterdam

By car To reach Praktijk Lijnbaansgracht by car, you need to park in the area. Use the address above on the City of Amster­dam’s website (in Dutch) to see where you can do so.

By public transport Praktijk Lijnbaansgracht is easily reachable with trams 3 and 10, and with busses 18 and 21, stop Marnixplein.

Samana Yoga Center

Droogbak 11, Amsterdam

By car To reach Samana Yoga Center by car, you need to park in the area. Use the address above on the City of Amster­dam’s website (in Dutch) to see where you can do so.

By public transport Samana Yoga Center is located parallel to the Haar­lemmerstraat, an 8-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

frequently asked questions


You can make an appointment by using the con­tact form on the web­site, by giving me a call or simply by sending me an email. My contact de­tails are found on the Contact page.

Depending on your needs and in case you have phy­sical complaints, I’ll suggest a follow-up ap­pointment or write up a treatment plan.

A treatment is one hour; the first treat­ment slightly longer. Aim to arrive around 10 minutes in ad­vance so you may have a cup of tea to relax and settle down in the waiting area.

Try not to eat too much and bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to wear during the treat­ment. You can get changed inside the prac­tice. It might be pleasant to take a moment to your­self once the treat­ment is over.

No, shiatsu should never be painful. The treat­ment is adjusted accor­ding to who you are and what you need. It can be soft, at times firm, once your body reacts well to the pressure.

No, you’re free to come in for a shiatsu treat­ment even if you’re not ill or suffering from (physical) complaints. Shiatsu works preven­tively and is very relaxing. In case you do have complaints the treat­ment helps you re­cover.

Certainly. However, if you have accute com­plaints I’d strongly advise you to contact your GP first. You can give me a call to discuss your situation if you’re having doubts.

In principle it is, but we’d discuss your preg­nancy over the phone before we plan an appointment. I’d like to hear the details with respect to your health and situa­tion before­hand.

Yes, if you’re ill with a fever or have a viral infec­tion. In case of open wounds I’m unable to treat that area of the body, though I can mas­sage around it. I would advise against a treatment just after an operation. It must be noted that in all cases Iokai Shiatsu is not a replacement for regular health care. In case of accute or severe com­plaints I’ll always refer you to a GP be­fore treatment is started.

A shiatsu treatment costs € 70 (VAT free). The first treatment is to be paid in cash; any fol­lowing sessions can be paid into my account after re­ceiving the in­voice.

The treatment is covered by many insurance com­panies, but it does depend on your sup­plementary plan. Go to the Practical information section and consult the docu­ment ‘Overzicht vergoedingen’ (in Dutch) to check if shiatsu is covered by your insurance policy. If you’re unsure, I advise you to contact your insurance company directly.


If you’re coming to Samana Yoga Center, come see us 15 minutes before the start of the class and pay us directly with card. Be sure to con­sult the schedule in order to choose a class that is suitable for you.

If you’re coming to Yogaschool Noord, things work a bit differently. Register before class by using the online reser­vation system with your personal account. Con­sult the Yogaschool Noord website for more informa­tion (see point 5).

I advise you to attend the Thursday morning class at 09:30 at Samana Yoga Center. Alterna­tively, you could come to the Sunday class which is given once a month at 17:00. See my yoga classes for more infor­mation.

Both studios offer many more classes suitable for be­ginners with other teachers in case these dates and times are inconvenient for you.

Wear loose-fitting clothing or yoga pants with a T-shirt. Yoga mats and other props are available in the studio, but of course you’re free to bring your own mat if you like.

It is convenient to be present 15 minutes in ad­vance the first time you attend a yoga class.

No, there are plenty spots available most of the time. However, some classes tend to fill up quickly at Yoga­school Noord so be sure to re­serve your spot in time.

Let me know what complaints you experience. Come to class early and tell me how you’re doing. You’re also free to send me a message or email if you’re in doubt. If your complaints are accute, don’t come to class and instead follow the advice given by your GP or thera­pist.

Yes, but if you’re in the later stages of your preg­nancy then it’d be best to attend a prenatal yoga class.

View the fees of Samana Yoga Center.

View the fees (in Dutch) of Yogaschool Noord.

Is your question not listed? Send me a message.