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inner work
for radiant health

Rediscover your inner balance with shiatsu. Strengthen your mental and physical resilience with Vijnana yoga.


Shiatsu is a form of manual therapy, trans­lated as finger pressure from Japanese.

Full attention and empathic touch lie at the basis of this craft. I prefer to work by slowly dosing pres­sure, rotating and rocking joints, and soft stretching.

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Hand with three finger tips on a client's wrist during a shiatsu treatment Two hands exert soft pressure on a client's shoulder during a shiatsu treatment
Marta with one hand on the floor and the other hand reaching towards the ceiling in a Vijnana yoga pose Marta sitting in the lotus position on the floor


From the source of Vijnana yoga, I teach various classes with therapeutic (healing) effects:

classic Vijnana Yoga, Roll & Release and Restorative Tensegrity.

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I chose the name Ikiru for my practice. Ikiru is the verb for ‘to live’ in Japanese. I view life as an active, con­scious form of being. A dance be­tween going with the flow and, at the same time, being firmly rooted in life.

In 2010 I started my shiatsu practice in Amster­dam. I find it special how pure and warm a shiatsu session can be. How natural it is to communicate by touch. An ancient, nou­rishing feeling.

I have taught yoga classes and workshops for over fifteen years. Vijnana yoga is a very balanced form of practice. It offers space during sitting, breathing and moving for a stable mind in a resilient body.

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What clients say

Bij zowel lichamelijke- als zielepijn ga ik heel graag naar Marta, die mij vol liefde met shiatsu weer de energie door mijn hele lijf laat voelen stromen en me helpt de balans terug te vinden tussen mijn hoofd en mijn lichaam.

—  Nienke

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Would you like to make an appointment for a shiatsu treat­ment or do you have a question? I’d love to hear from you! Contact me on the phone num­ber listed below or send a mes­sage using the form.

+31 (0)6 4529 8952

Shiatsu from Wednesday to Saturday

Between 09:00 and 18:00

Various locations