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In the event that you, as a client, have a complaint concer­ning your treat­ment, I will do anything in my power to discuss and solve the situation together.

However, there is a possibility that you are un­satisfied with (an aspect of) your treat­ment. If you require help, or your discontent warrants lodging a complaint, follow the steps outlined below.

Complaints procedure

For complaints about your treatment you may contact the secretariat of the Profes­sional Association for Iokai Shiatsu (VIS). Subsequently, you have the choice to either discuss your com­plaint with a confidential advisor from within the Association, or to turn to a complaints officer of the SCAG, the national disputes body for complemen­tary and alter­native health care. If your complaint cannot be resolved to your satis­faction, it will be submitted to the disputes committee of the SCAG.

Disciplinary law

For disciplinary law you can turn to the Stichting TCZ (Tuchtrecht Comple­mentaire Zorg, the foun­dation for disciplinary law for complementary healthcare.

More information

You can find more information in the docu­ments (in Dutch) below, which are also available from the VIS: